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We started the Ojai Island foundation before the United Nations IPCC Special Report came out on October 6th 2018.  I am not going to get into the weeds of the science of what could be a very scary outcome if we don't change.

Instead I charge everyone with the power to change what we can.  Because we all want to leave a better life for our kids no matter what our affiliations are. 

We know that a special place like Ojai can become sustainable.  We have all of the right pieces.  We are a small town with slow growth, we have a great climate for growing food, we have mountains with high enough elevations to recharge groundwater supplies, we have burgeoning sustainable technology companies close by, and we have a close nit community that is already making strides in this direction.

While we are a small part of the world, if other small parts of the world like us became sister cities that share knowledge and all pledge towards 2030 sustainability goals we could make major change. 

So this idea started in conversations years ago. As we had our children, these conversations took place at playdates, school functions, coffee get togethers, board room meeting, and family getaways.  The ideas and conversations started to take shape over common goals, interests, and a shared idea of creating a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. 

This wasn't an overnight transition, but it was an easy one since we had already created a Tribe of people who had already dedicated their minds and lives to making the planet a better place to live.  

So our dream evolved, sharpened, and generated into the Ojai Island Foundation.

A place we could input our energies to first make change locally to then help spread it globally. 

Our goal is not to be the end all solution but to be a catalyst, an organizer, and cheerleader for all who want to make positive change.

We know that it will take many ideas, trials, errors, and efforts to create the balance of the sustainable living community we desire for us and our children. 

Please join us in these efforts to preserve and  protect our community, and the world.

Lots of Love
Dr. Dre